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I'm writing a new one. Lately I've been up to lots of artsy projects, but I've been so busy that I haven't had much time to upload anything to DeviantArt!
There is a reason why I haven't updated DeviantArt in a couple of weeks.

Life is crazy.

I'm still doing art, but nothing I can put on DeviantArt yet. Unfinished projects for art class... illustrations for a book... a few commissioned pieces for a local entrepeneur... drawings for "Ink and Fairydust"... and some not-very-good sketches in my sketchbook.

(I still can't believe it, I'm doing "freelance" work! This makes me feel all grown-up and official!)

Oh, yeah. And I'm doing school. That eats up almost all of my time (this week alone I have to write 4 essays and study for exams in all subjects).

In other news, many of my friends have been talking about their NaNoWriMo ideas. For those who don't know, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. Basically, you write a novel. In a month.

I've participated in the past (and came up with very pitiful, though amusing, attempts at a book). But writing non-stop for 30 days isn't really my forte. Art, however, is.

And so this November, I am going to do a drawing each day. I probably will only spend 10 minutes or so per day on this (far less than the 2+ hours NaNo people will spend writing), but hey.

There's a 30-day drawing challenge that has been making its rounds on Pinterest. I'm going to actually do it. Here's the challenge for each day:…

Anyway, I'm announcing it here on my journal so that I have something to hold me accountable for actually doing this. :D
I've been on deviantART for two weeks now. YAY!

Unfortunately, most of my older work has not been photographed/scanned, and the majority of my art lately have been sketches and studies. So, no big projects to upload to DA.

School has started back up. There goes 8 hours of my day! This means far less time online. This means less browsing on DA. This means a bit less time to do art. This makes me sad.

The good news about school is that Junior year is Medieval studies in both History and Literature. There is ALOT of artistic inspiration there. :)
Well, I've gone and done it.

I've made a DeviantArt account!

...and I have NO idea what I am doing.

This is a journal... and do you know what I always do when I get a new journal? I introduce myself! Yeah... that probably sounds cheesy and like something that only a little kid would do, but then again, I am a little kid at heart. (Besides, in my defense, when I sum up my life in a page or two in a new notebook, it is a very interesting insight in how differently I introduced myself in previous diaries!)

So, I shall introduce myself. Hello, there, Random Person Reading My DeviantArt Journal! My name is Shaylynn.

I am a teenaged, Catholic girl who has a great love of art. I am an artist, a jeweler, a crafter, a book-devourer, a unicyclist, a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings, a cheese-eater, and a goofball. My hair is brown and my feet are so big that I can't fit in most women's shoes.

I spend far too many waking hours working on my arts-and-crafts blog, which you can find here: ( )

More precious time is spent making whimsical jewelry for my shoppe, here: ( )

Also facebook: ( )    and twitter (which I am utterly helpless on): ( )

And I work on a magazine: ( )

Now you can see why I don't watch TV (aside from movies... lots of movies...) or play video games.

I've just uploaded my first Deviation. It's an art-nouveau mermamid. A bit different, not the best, but oh well.

Now it is bedtime.

I am hyper.

And I have to go.

It was nice meeting you, Random Person. :)